Jay Simone doesn’t just empower women through their personal style, we also provide opportunities for women to be empowered through FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Our Jay Simone Affiliates are all mobile and located throughout various states in the USA. We enable our Affiliates with the tools to start an online boutique without the hassle of having to deal with inventory and shipping. We hold all inventory at our warehouse and ship out orders directly to your customers. Our Sales Affiliates also has the ability to purchase wholesale from us. Whether they want to be hands on or able to run their business from anywhere in the country from the comfort of their computer or mobile device, they can do so. Our Affiliates can earn anywhere from 15-35% commission on their sales depending on their level of membership within the company. We offer 2 different Affiliate Memberships: 

Sales Affiliate:
✅ a one-time only $34.95 membership fee. 
✅ $100 minimum sales monthly quota required
✅ there is no handling/shipping of inventory by you. Jay Simone handles all inventory and shipping to your customer
✅ when your customer orders from the Jay Simone website and selects your name at checkout you earn commission
✅ Commission is paid out via PayPal monthly
✅ affiliates at this membership level are offered other incentives such as heavily discounted items

Wholesale Affiliate:
✅ an annual fee of $99.95
✅ you will have access to our wholesale items which will reflect the majority of in stock items we carry. There will at all times be a minimum of 8 items available every day and items only last in the portal for 5 days and are switched out with other items.
✅ wholesale orders are shipped directly to you within an estimate of 2-3 weeks
✅ as a wholesale affiliate you make your own prices and you do not have to associate your merchandise with Jay Simone
✅ random incentives to order instock items in bulk for a heavily discounted price
✅ no monthly or annual quota

To start the process please click the “Join Now” button at the bottom of this page. This will re-direct you to the cart to select the Affiliate type and pay the Membership Fee. You will be contacted within 1 Business Day from the date of payment with a Welcome Email that will contain instructions on how to complete your membership process.

The Membership Fee is Non-Refundable. Please ask any questions you may have before paying for the Membership Fee. All questions should be directed to

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