Everyday Chic with a street flair is the Jay Simone Style. Founded by Tieakia Castro, what started off as a hobby blossomed into a side hustle and manifested into a Direct Selling Online Boutique.

Jay Simone offers women chic, trendy, and classic ready-to-wear items that include clothes, jewelry, make-up and accessories. We have recently expanded to even offer unique, custom, and cultural jewelry and accessories from other countries such as; India and Kenya. Chic doesn’t have to be expensive and we pride ourselves on affordability. Every woman can look Chic and slay on a budget.

Jay Simone is more than just what we sell. We are a driving force in empowering women to be entrepreneurs. We hire Sales Affiliates who have a passion for fashion from all over the country, and we’re always looking to expand. To learn more about our Sales Affiliate program, click the “Join our Sales Team” tab below.